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Nutrition Saviors & NutritionIST Failures

One of the major issues I’ve had with the process of weight loss surgery is the nutritionists. I use the word “nutritionist” loosely, as they are more dieticians–and while I would have considered those two words synonyms before this experience, I now know better. At the heart of my job, I’m a researcher, so I…… Continue reading Nutrition Saviors & NutritionIST Failures

Weight Loss Surgery - Struggles

Day 6: The boredom has set in

I’m clearly not a good candidate for the title of “Desert Island Castaway.” I was unreasonably excited to go to the grocery store with my mom today. As in, jump-out-of-bed-shower-and-ready-to-go-by-9am excited. I’ve been bored since Thursday (Day 4). A lot bored. I have just enough concentration to have the TV keep my interest for about…… Continue reading Day 6: The boredom has set in

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The importance of friends

Going into weight loss surgery you can read a hundred horror stories of people who had no support system in place. ¬†Friends who sabotaged, parents who didn’t understand (anyone else singing the Fresh Prince song now?), and everyone else in their lives who just didn’t get it. I got damned lucky. I didn’t tell a…… Continue reading The importance of friends