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I’ve not had a lot to post about lately. Or maybe, more accurately, I haven’t had a lot that I’ve felt proud of lately which I would want to post about. I like presenting the good to the world usually, and while I have certainly mentioned some less stellar things about weight loss surgery in my posts, it’s been fairly shiny-happy as I’ve gone along because I’ve had it fairly easy. 

One major setback though: I have plateaued. And I have plateaued hard. Losing nearly 80 lbs since my highest weight–which took about 6 months–seemed like maybe it would continue that way forever, but of course it can’t. My plateaus hold on so tight when they hit, and weighing myself if always a disaster at that time. So of course what did I do? Went a little (lot) sugar crazy for about 10 days. I am not always careful enough about sugar anyway, but that was a bad week. In the middle of a plateau that is just about the stupidest thing I could do–but we do it don’t we? I get down on myself about numbers on a scale, so when I don’t see them moving I feel like I’m failing and I am suddenly bored with EVERYthing that I am doing. 

I spent about a week wallowing–doing a bare minimum of workouts (still patting my  own back for managing three good ones in a week even when feeling like shit about it), and then the sugar. 

But then I pushed myself out of it. Mostly. I am still annoyed by the plateau (or even slight gain with all the sugar), but I at least shook off the annoyance about what I am doing while working out. I have been looking for something additional to do – a class, maybe Pilates since I need lots of hip opening help, or maybe getting back to a slight amount of running while walking. My knees and hips scream “No!” whenever I think that, but they are mostly just being wimps (I have to be careful with my hips mostly, but not “no doing it” careful). 

I also readjusted my meal planning/prepping. It was too easy to go eat anything but salad in my company’s cafeteria (and they have some really fun options), but that isn’t a good way to go either, nor a cheap one. So I prepped meals for the end of last week (after I ran low on sugar cravings finally), and for this entire week today. I also made more protein balls for a sweet kick of PB and raisins. 

My meal prep is lit this week! That’s chicken to go on the salads, which I can finally have! Never thought I would be excited for whole spinach and mustard greens. 

I also kicked my own ass at the gym. Did two workouts Saturday (my abs are on fire after my trainer tried to destroy them, and then I did more later in the day), and one Sunday, and planning for all but Friday this week. I would like to try and do two-a-days once during the weekend for the next few weeks. It’s just different enough that it may help. I also need to look harder at a new workout/class. Boxing is something I eventually want to try, but haven’t found a more traditional boxing class nearby yet. 

I’ll be ok. I just need to remember–the scale is not the be-all. Even with the plateau of weight, my body is still changing. I can’t still notice changes, and all for the better, so that is my best success really, and my most important reminder to myself. I kick ass frankly, and that’s all I can ask of myself. 


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