Weight Loss Surgery - Struggles

PMS Ch-ch-ch-changes

One of the things my doctor asked me about when I was in for my last check up was, “Has your period changed?” It was a bit random, but since I’d only had one period since I had had surgery (at that time) I hadn’t noticed anything different.  Especially since I take birth control to regulate (when you’re overweight there is usually a good chance of your period going wonky).

I definitely noticed the difference this month though. Unfortunately. And doubly-unfortunately for anyone near me. In high school I used to get PMS really horribly. I would turn into a raging bitch from hell. The type of person that those memes of PMSing women=fire-breathing dragons are made about…and it was true. Well, as I got older (or heavier, is what I’m thinking now) that all seemed to even out. I mean sure, I was still crabby before my period, but not scary-as-hell-please-stay-away-from-all-people pissy. I guess I figured that just balanced with age.


Uhhhhhh…no. Apparently, having a super irregular period for so long (especially during years I couldn’t afford birth control) meant that PMS just wasn’t as much of a thing. Well, 70 lbs of weight loss taking me to weighing less I have been in nearly 10 years apparently made that come raging back to the forefront.

And I do mean rage. I started getting extra snarky, extra angry about everything, about a week ago.  I didn’t notice it at first, but then suddenly I did notice how crabby I was being to not just my family (sometimes that’s hard to notice), but about colleagues (not to, I can hold my tongue well enough at work), and at my personal trainer. Less talkative, less interested in small talk, etc. And then my mom was saying how crabby I’ve been, daily, for a few days and I realized–my high school PMS has returned! I’m not sure how to curb that. I’m not a crier for PMS most of the time, I’m a rageaholic during PMS. That is not good to be, because it makes me less productive usually.


There are certainly other changes to my period, but the PMS is the central one. And the most unexpected so far. I guess I can look forward to hate-town every month until my hormones regulate a little more, or I find some OTC remedy to help that issue out.


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