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The Bad and the Ugly…no Good here

When you prep for weight loss surgery, you find a lot of information about “dumping syndrome.” It can cause sweats, stomach/gut pain, and unpleasant bathroom trips. I have been lucky enough to avoid this up until now, but I am here to tell you–it’s all true. 

And the thing I got it from? Not anything fun like pasta, or bread, or chips–or something weird that I just haven’t been eating in the past 7 weeks, no. I got my dumping syndrome from broccoli. Roasted (but obviously not roasted enough), broccoli. 

It’s and awful feeling to have it happen, and I knew immediately that I was getting it. I started sweating (I damned near had to take my shirt off at the table–I imagine hot flashes feel similar), and my stomach had shooting pains within a couple minutes of eating the broccoli. It took about twenty minutes for that to pass, and then I felt pretty ok. For about 10 minutes. 

Then the immediate necessity for a toilet became apparent and I had to excuse myself from my guests and parents’ dinner table to use the bathroom. Not pleasant in the least. I had eaten broccoli a few days ago and so I thought I would be fine, but the roasted broccoli from a few days ago had been almost over done, and was nearly soggy (not in a bad way) in its doneness. Ours wasn’t even close. 

I still have some occasional pain in my stomach, so I am hoping I didn’t do any actual damage (internal stitches should be healed by this point though), but it is easily as unpleasant as everyone says. I hate that feeling, and cold-sweats are horrible anyway, but on top of stomach pain and toilet issues, it all adds up to grotesque feelings. 

Since I am on soft foods for another 10 days, I should have been more careful, but 10 days doesn’t seem that far away to be able to try “crunchy” veg like raw broccoli, if this is the reaction I get to mostly done broccoli. I think extra-roasted may be as good as it gets for me for a bit after I can start raw veg. Never. Again. 


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