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Back to Normal?

Admittedly, I was a skeptic when my doc told me, “Take four weeks off work – two full, then maybe go back part time for two.” He couched it as, “Taking time for yourself.” I don’t know many people who are going to buy that load and actually do that (especially when you aren’t making your full salary during that time off), but I wasn’t one of them.

Considering the boredom after two weeks, I’m glad I went back to work when I did at that point, but it is only really the last three days that I’ve felt pretty much back to normal. I was knackered for the last month. Now I’m pretty normal-ish energy level, normal desire to get back to a proper schedule, and especially normal desire to workout. Even more so, a desire to be back to the level of gym-going that I was at around early/mid-December (before the holiday season got hold and I got busy enough that my gym time went from 5-6x/week to 3-4x/week).

This was me this weekend, after finally hitting the point (just under 6 weeks) that I could start doing some abdominal work again.  Meaning, I was pretty much cleared to start normal workouts. And my workouts of the last four weeks have been mind-numbingly dull, because of weight restrictions and ab use restrictions.


I felt so strong this weekend. It is odd to notice the smallest changes in your body when you lose weight, and that is something I am trying to take the most notice of since the big changes are so hard to see when you’re looking at your body every day.

Some changes I’ve noticed:

  • Clavicles – I apparently have some. I can’t eat soup out of them or anything, but that’s a new body part for me
  • Trapezius (neck area) – again, new to see that when I stretch my neck, it actually becomes quite obvious (this is all due to the fact that I lose weight fairly quickly in my face and shoulders, so these bits become obvious first)
  • Forearms – I have to push my sleeves up a lot more often now, and then I looked in the mirror today at the gym and could see how much thinner they were from the last time I’d noticed them. Which leads me to…
  • Arms in general – the sleeves on my clothes were the first thing that I noticed getting too big even over the last six months of working out and having a personal trainer, which is unusual for me to notice that as quickly as something like my bra getting bigger (it’s always the boobs that go, always), but they both went down about as quickly as each other
  • Wrists and ankles – first, I have a fear of cankles on myself (cankles are where your ankle and calf have no noticeable break between them), which is at least partially cause by a fear of deep-vein thrombosis, which all goes back to fear of dying on an airplane (DVT is fairly common on airplanes because you’re sitting for so long–and it’s the only time I’ve really had cankles, because of water retention on international flights). That said, my wrists particularly are looking, dare I say, “delicate” compared to their former selves. I have had to tighten my FitBit to almost the last connector of the large size wristband. I could move to the small band soon! My ankles have always been pretty shapely but they are getting smaller still, which if my legs don’t catch up a bit I’m going to break an ankle (hopefully that’s hyperbole)

These are the things I’m trying to really concentrate on.  They’re small, and a little weird, but they keep me in check when I see my stomach and don’t really notice a big difference. My stomach is my biggest annoyance for me on my body – it’s never been svelte, it will likely require skin removal, and it is very, very, VERY difficult to lose weight there. Scratch that, to lose any noticeable weight there. Seeing small changes, and feeling the bigger changes (by noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit, for example) make it a little easier to get that motivation going.

Now if I can only get back to waking up at 6:30am for the gym regularly, I’ll be completely back to a normal schedule.  I’m such a nightowl, it was way too easy to get back to a midnight (or later) bedtime during my time off, which means the gym came verrrrrry early. Or not at all. Cause sleep is definitely on my list of best friends.


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