Cupcakes and No Pants Style Balance

This is one of my favorite sayings. Also, I need that sweatshirt. Also, I embodied this today pretty completely. 

I went to the gym–bright and early even (well, not bright. It’s not bright at 6:30am  in January in the N. Hemisphere)–and then the eating happened. Oh, so much eating happened. 

I’ve been damned lucky. Almost unfortunately lucky, oxymoronic as both of those are. Unfortunately lucky, because I have had zero complications with surgery so far. Including with what I’ve eaten. Sure, some things settle better than others and go down easier. Some things that I’ve tried get a little stuck, and make me feel like I might start choking, but really that’s on me for either not chewing well enough, or taking a gulp of water after eating, or something that I forget about in the moment that tends to make it a bit uncomfortable. But uncomfortable is as harsh as I can say anything has been. That’s even a bit of a stretch. I haven’t had proper discomfort since I suffered the annoying as hell gas pains that killed my back for the first few days, and where I was starving thru bone broth and sugar free Jello. 

But I can eat most things. Some things that I shouldn’t eat, I have found, especially if I let myself get too hungry. I find my cravings when hungry–truly hungry, not bored hungry, much more acute than they were before surgery. I am wondering a bit if it isn’t low blood sugar, rather than just hunger, as I get a bit weak. 

I won’t tell you the what of my eating habits today, as I don’t want anyone considering the surgery or who may be has had the surgery to think I am the norm. I frankly think my prep beforehand, and my surprisingly lucky body composition have somehow made me a good candidate for not suffering thru much of this. Even with a few bad choices today (I hate calling food “good” and “bad”–but these sure as hell weren’t Greek yogurt and chicken choices, which I had to hand, so I had no excuse), I have been doing pretty well on still eating well, overall. But it makes it much easier to know that I have not had any digestive issues from anything so far. A bit too easy. 

I did put pants on–that would have been frowned on at work, plus it’s cold as hell here right now. But if I had the choice…no pants really ARE the best pants. 


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